Feud's Five For Fighters: Joseph Stockwell

Joseph is a Muay Thai fighter who grew up boxing, searching for something different he instantly fell in love with Muay Thai, he is currently training to fight for an MTA title, training out of Suay Muay Thai in Western Australia


Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into Muay Thai?

I’ve been doing Muay Thai for about 4 years now. Currently 10 fights in (turned pro on my 3rd). I used to box growing up but wanted to try something different and fell in love with MT straight away!

 What are your goals for your Muay Thai career in the next year? Five years?

Currently training to fight for an MTA title in May, then over to Adelaide in June then hope to fight in Thailand again end of the year! In the next few years I just want to push myself as far as I can… in fighting, teaching/coaching and just my overall knowledge of the sport and culture!

 Favourite pizza topping?

Ohhh anything meat lovers 🤤

 What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your Muay Thai career?

Toughest obstacle tbh I’m not too sure, I feel I’ve truly fallen into what I'm made to be doing so everything I’ve achieved and had to do so far has always seemed worth it!

 Who is your favourite Aussie Muay Thai fighter at the moment and why?

Fav Aus fighter would have to be Lukas Slayer, not only being a training partner of mine but a huge inspiration for me too, always willing to step to any fight he’s a true fighter through and through 🙏🏼

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