Feud's Five For Fighters: Michaela Jorgensen

Michaela is a Muay Thai fighter and coach training out of Champions Gym in Western Australia. She made her pro debut at the start of March 2023 and had another fight just a couple weeks later. There's no slowing down this young talent 🔥

Can you tell us about your background and how you got started in Muay Thai?

So I came from a very non-sporty background. I was that girl in school that never played sports and always tried to get out of school carnivals and PE classes… as I got to 18ish I started training at a gym and was going fairly consistently but was bored, then mid 2020 right after lockdown I decided to do a Muay Thai trial after a friend recommended champions gym and just fell in love with the training and community there. From there I continued training, eventually participating in a few inter clubs and mock-fights that champions puts on between our 3 clubs. And now here we are.. just made my pro debut!!

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself through fighting?

I can actually run more than 100m if I decide to LOL… but in all seriousness I never expected to be able to push myself and my body in ways that Muay Thai does. Not just physically but mentally as well. I’m shocked at the level of discipline and commitment I have found within myself, it was buried very deep and I am forever grateful that Muay Thai has uncovered this determination and drive within myself that I always knew was hiding there somewhere.

How many pairs of Thai shorts do you own?

I’d say about 6? Not including the boyfriends stash 😉 still not enough.. never enough!

What’s the best advice you received when starting out?

This would have to be a toss up between 2…
1. Something my coach drills into us constantly is that basics win fights. It’s imperative to slow it down and master the basics first, then the rest will come.
2. OR, the better the people you surround yourself with are, the faster you will progress (essentially don’t be afraid to step beyond your skill level!) no one ever became great by staying in their comfort zone.

Who is your current favourite Australian Muay Thai fighter and why?

Diandra Martin, her punch to kick style is something I’m constantly trying to work towards. The flow is just there 😍

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